Problems and Solutions in the Business Intelligence Market

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Problems and Solutions in the Business Intelligence Market


Most companies have significant problems integrating data between end-user tools such as Excel, Access, dashboard tools, and various others. Data exists in one platform, but needs to be consumed in different platforms. Regrettably, data is often transferred manually. Value is also added manually via aggregations that are performed in Excel. Now, once that value-added data is consumed or has fulfilled its one-time purpose, the manual effort used to create it can no longer be leveraged and the process needs to be repeated over and over. Performing manual data tasks numerous times is tedious, unproductive, and terrible for morale. Employees who perform these tasks are educated business people who could/should be using their brains to help drive the business more productively; but instead they are crunching numbers all day. Unproductive processes result in frustrated upper management. It takes employees forever to answer management’s questions because of the data’s lack of responsiveness and flexibility, which hinders management’s ability to make smart effective business decisions.

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