QlikView Architectural Overview

 Our customers often ask about what goes on under the hood of QlikView. In this QlikView Technology White Paper we show details of QlikView from two perspectives: components and functionality. Here you will find information about the relationship among QlikView components as well as the processes that enable QlikView to transform raw data into actionable analytics. The target audience for this paper consists of IT professionals and tech-savvy business people who are interested in business intelligence (BI) software.
 This paper answers the question, “What are the basics I should know about the QlikView platform and its components so I can make an informed buying decision?” Its objectives are twofold: first, to help prospective and existing QlikView customers understand the components that comprise a QlikView deployment, and second, to help people unfamiliar with QlikView understand how data flows through a QlikView deployment on its way to becoming actionable information.